Tuesday, June 12, 2007

10 Things Broken In Apple Safari on Windows

Apple released Safari 3 Beta for Windows with a lot of fanfare. Unfortunately they did a lot of things wrong. Other people have already written extensively about the lack of ClearType support and crashes. Here are 10 other things that Apple did wrong.
  1. Can't add custom search engines. Firefox, IE7 and Opera all support this.
  2. Double clicking on the tab bar to create a new tab doesn't work. Works in Firefox, IE7 and Opera. (Neither is there a New Tab button that I can drag to the tab bar.)
  3. Ctrl-Enter in the address bar doesn't autocomplete to www. .com. Neither does Shift-Enter to www. .net nor Ctrl-Shift-Enter to www. .org. Firefox supports all three and IE7 and Opera support the first. Opera can be customized to support all three.
  4. Middle clicking on a tab doesn't close it. Works on Firefox, IE7 and Opera. Perhaps because Macs don't have middle buttons? (Opera's problematic close behavior has been blogged about before.)
  5. Can't close the last tab. You can in Firefox and Opera.
  6. Grabs IE and Firefox bookmarks by default but doesn't display them in the Bookmarks menu. Doesn't grab Opera bookmarks.
  7. Doesn't use the standard RSS icon. Firefox, IE7 and Opera all do.
  8. Doesn't follow Windows UI conventions. Cannot resize using any border.
  9. Breaks Fitt's Law! There is a one pixel hole in the maximized Safari at the top right corner. Moving the mouse to the top right corner and clicking closes the maximized window underneath Safari!
  10. Complex font rendering broken e.g. Devanagari
(As an aside, here's a fancy nickname to use for Safari, in the same vein as Internet Exploder, Mozilla Firesux and Crapera -- Apple Suckari!)

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you have some fair points here, however most of them are not really "broken". broken implies that it should work, but doesn't

1) fair point. most "regular" users won't care. and that's hardly "broken" it simply isn't a feature
2) hardly a broken feature. simply not included.
3) just hit enter, for someone concerned with fitt's law this should be a "good thing"
4) fair point. obscure feature though and again not "broken"
5) of course you can. works just like firefox
6) fair point
7) fair point, finally something that can be considered broken
8) there is no "standard" RSS icon. opera, ie and firefox happen to use the same one, but it's not a standard.
9) again an actual broken element
10) renders best in safari OS X, then IE 7, then safari windows, then firefox
You can fix the bug yourself @ http://webkit.org/, if you don't know how to program you can still open a bug report.
You seemed to have not understood point 10. Safari renders devanagari wrong i.e. glyphs are placed in the wrong location. Please read the Wikipedia article esp the box
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