Tuesday, March 20, 2007

RIAs and a hidden treat

RIA is short for Rich Internet Application which are supposed to be the Next Big Thing™. And I downloaded my first one yesterday. It's the New York Times Reader. Here's some information about it:
Though it's sad that the free version reader will expire on the 27th, I was quickly able to find similar readers from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Forbes and The Daily Mail UK, all of which are completely free (minus some soul-sucking registration.)

I expect the RIA market to quickly heat up, now that WPF is beginning to take a hold and Adobe has just released the first Apollo runtime.

Speaking of Adobe, I was poking around on their website and noticed that you can download a standalone version of Flash Player which includes debugging capabilities. Very useful for analyzing or just playing those downloaded SWFs without having to start a browser.

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Explorer Breadcrumbs

Windows only: Donationware program Explorer Breadcrumbs adds a breadcrumb toolbar to XP's Explorer windows similar to what's currently available in Vista.

Hat tip to LifeHacker!