Tuesday, March 20, 2007

RIAs and a hidden treat

RIA is short for Rich Internet Application which are supposed to be the Next Big Thing™. And I downloaded my first one yesterday. It's the New York Times Reader. Here's some information about it:
Though it's sad that the free version reader will expire on the 27th, I was quickly able to find similar readers from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Forbes and The Daily Mail UK, all of which are completely free (minus some soul-sucking registration.)

I expect the RIA market to quickly heat up, now that WPF is beginning to take a hold and Adobe has just released the first Apollo runtime.

Speaking of Adobe, I was poking around on their website and noticed that you can download a standalone version of Flash Player which includes debugging capabilities. Very useful for analyzing or just playing those downloaded SWFs without having to start a browser.

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so you have to pay for the NTY reader and they still show you ads?!


adverts or subscription. greedy to try to get both
Check out Dekoh, you will find it interesting and different.
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