Friday, November 24, 2006

Breathing life (part 2) - Applications

Here's a list of applications that I've installed so far. This list will grow as I add more stuff. Update: List was updated on Sept 4, 2007 - some entries were deprecated and some URLs were fixed.

(Ubuntu blocker: Program that prevent me from switching to Ubuntu Linux completely)

Video Tools
Audio Tools
Download Management
Instant Messaging
CD Burning
Antivirus / Antispyware
Interesting, everything in that list except Nero and Kaspersky is open source or closed source freeware.

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No antivirus?
I know it's still a virgin install, but sooner or later you will be needing it.
Along with some spyware removal software.
I was just passing by, and thought I'd help you out with some of those Ubuntu blockers, in case you haven't found them yet.

burrn - look at k3b (KDE app)

EAC - look at grip (I just ripped 493 CDs with grip - it works very well)

foobar2000 - look at amaroK (another KDE app)

winamp - xmms is about as close to a copy as you'll get, though I thought Winamp was available on Linux now too...

Flashget - what? The page is useless. There are a million download managers out there, though I personally don't use any of them (well, KDE's Konqueror has a download manager integrated with the whole desktop, and I do use that)

Windows Messenger - well, I'm little help there. I hate Live Messenger. :) - learn how to *effectively* use the gimp, and you'll never look at toys like that again ;) A lot of .net apps, however, will run under the mono framework. A quick Google search will get you lots of reading material - mono is available as an Ubuntu package.

The video stuff (virtualdub, avisynth, and similar) mostly work fairly well under wine. Open up /etc/apt/sources.list and stick this at the end:

deb edgy main

Then run "sudo apt-get update" followed by "sudo apt-get install wine" (or use whatever GUI tool you want, like synaptic, adept, etc). Log out and log back in, then "most" windows programs will mostly just run when you double-click them. Installers will "usually" even end up in the Gnome/KDE menu. :)
@linux geek
Thanks for the list.

k3b: Looks interesting. Definitely looks like a replacement for burrrn.

grip: Seems to use the cdparanoia engine. That's a decent engine but overall the EAC ripping engine is just better. (i.e. handles scratched CDs better and has AccurateRip support.) Perhaps it can work under Wine?

amaroK: Some features like builtin Wikipedia support are awesome but seems to lack a masstagger. foobar2000 seems to run under Wine though.

xmms: Winamp isn't really much of a blocker.

flashget: A download manager with pause and resume if you are on a shitty wireless connection (think hotel rooms etc.)

windows messenger: aMSN seems to be a decent replacement, although Windows Messenger isn't my primary IM anymore. yes I have used the GIMP quite often. It still doesn't change the fact that it has a shitty UI (Yes, shitty!) I use Paint.NET for my minor editing needs. If I need more power I'd rather plonk money for Photoshop than mess around with Gimp.

The good news with AVISynth is that version 3.0 will work natively on Linux.
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